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A Muslim Singer Behind Scenes

“Jeewan Chanicka, a writer and counselor for, recently pursued a silent passion by releasing his new CD- The Prophet’s Song. While known primarily for his public speaking, community work, and his Ramadan Reflections series, Jeewan said that the CD …

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Don’t Miss Ramadan’s First Night

Don’t Miss Ramadan’s First Night When Allah Favorably Looks at His Servants By: Dr. Wael Shihab – Egypt Don’t Miss Ramadan’s First NightWith the approach of Ramadan every year, I always recall the following Prophetic hadith: “My people (Ummah) are …

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Mommy There Is A Holiday Tree In My School

As the holidays approach, so too does a sense of disquiet about celebrating Christmas in public schools. Some feel that their ability to even use the word “Christmas” has been muted and they have been rendered invisible due to “political …

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Final Ramadan Reflection 2011 – Eid Mubarak

A sincere request for forgiveness for any mistakes or any offense I may have caused any one and a heartfelt prayer and wish for you and your families to have a wonderful Eid, surrounded by goodness that multiplies. May we …

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Ramadan Reflection – 29. Reminder- Are You Worthy of God’s Forgiveness

Since this is our last odd night going into what is/may be the last day for us, I decided to re-post this video. To remind myself and all of us, to turn to God to seek forgiveness and to know …

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Ramadan Reflection – 28. From Your Questions To God’s Answers This Ramadan.

Ramadan came almost a month ago to visit us and how is she leaving us? In what state did she find us? Did she find us poor and is leaving us rich in spirit? Did she find us bankrupt and …

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Ramadan Kareem – Pre-Ramadan Message

This year the Ramadan Reflections series will be done by video. You can turn it on and listen- (no need to watch the “talking head”

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