Ramadan Reflection – 23. Your Chance to Get What You Want.

These beautiful days and nights are wonderful moments for us to really connect with God. On many occasions, we spend time asking others to help us with stuff, when we are lost or suffering, often we look for our answer in people. We forget that the we should seek assistance from the Source of all help and all we have to do is simply raise our hands and ask God directly for what we want.
Dua (or supplication) is the “will of God that can change the will of God”. We have to take action and do our best but in the end, we depend on God and know that the help comes from only God. Many of us know of examples where people take medicine and do everything they are told when they are sick and it does not work and others who may not do much and they are cured. When we are sick, taking medicine is our responsibility to do our best but the cure comes directly from God. This is why no one can ever give us a 100% guarantee on the outcome of anything. As humans our ability is limited.

When we have a need, we go directly to God is because God is in control of all things. In these beautiful nights, there is one special one in which the angels will descend by their thousands listening for the caller, calling on their Lord asking for forgiveness and for their needs to be taken care of. It is the night when God makes His decree clear and so the best place for a servant to be is in a position of humility, arms outstretched praying for what s/he wants or in prostration doing the same.

What is clear to us, is there is no intermediary- the only barrier between us and God is our willingness to approach, to call on God, to ask for what we want/need. This supplication can be done standing, sitting, or lying down.

We should remember in our dua/supplication – to 1) praise God 2) to send blessings on the prophet peace be upon him, 3) to be sincere 4) to state our condition (Zakariya peace be upon him said, “I am an old man with gray hair’), 5) state what we want and ask with conviction- we do not make dua and then say, “insha Allah” because the purpose of making dua is for getting what we would like and knowing the the One Who answers all prayers is capable of answering them.

What we should keep in mind is that Allah may answer our prayers in one of three ways. 1) God may answer our dua directly 2) God may not answer it directly but instead avert a calamity that was going to befall us 3) It may be reserved for us in the next life. So don’t lose patience. Make dua and keep making it and trust that God will answer it. We won’t always know the how/when but we should trust that whatever happens is for our best and greatest good and that our dua will be answered.

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